What is Kataribe?

What is Kataribe?
* Kataribe is to hand down a folktale of the tradition talk, an old tale, a myth, a historic historical fact, a dialect, a proverb, family precepts.
* I make oral tradition sincerely to inherit feeling which a person lives for as a person.
* I tell the world to establish each specialty contents as Katari.

I can put various places and the power of the professional reciter who is active nationwide in each place together and try for upbringing of the successor that oral tradition hands down the contents which have been done in history to date.
Old;, in the time, hand down the event that there was in the times, and do the oral tradition talk that continued handing down in the people more with oral tradition talk; tradition.
Culture tries to reach it to the level of the tradition entertainment.
It starts in the meeting of the professional reciter to hand down a professional reciter and is active in what I was not able to accomplish with an individual as a group.