A story of Kutani chinaware ware ancestor Dokai "Isaburo of the red glazing"

◆Kataribe animation delivery started in YouTube.

Kataribe Performance
A Saturday, March 12, 2011 2:30 p.m. raising of the curtain place: Tant(A Negami synthesis Cultural Center)
    Nomi City, Ishikawa
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◆During the Kataribe head family Tomita disciple recruitment.
General attendance is raw.(A guide)    A disciple.(Kataribe)

The soul of language of Kataribe.
As for the face that sum face love word (the soul of language of Prince Shotoku) meaning 《 is soft, the gentle face, the words, there are the life of the person or words called 》 soul of language good luck country . A good luck country is to be a country overflowing by considerate words easily.
 In the old days, we performed a language and hand gesture gesture as mediation for intention transmission and a thought, feelings.
I celebrate a legend, an admonition, a lesson, a proposal, a prediction while it looks like it, and it is "Kataribe" that I do what I hand down tradition and the legends such as a local dialect or family precepts to with an occupation and serve the Imperial Court, and did.
It depended on power of the letter culture that developed before long, and "the professional reciter" would be buried in the history, but the words and "Kataribe" exceeded the times among the people who did not know a letter and retained it.
 The words that were going to be forgotten unintentionally.
 For the important heart why a person lives for as a person, I hand down the wisdom of ancient people.
 In words and a heart, new, forcing it does not have an old potato either,
 The culture that the true heart why was full of the soul becomes the soul of language, and continue living.
 As for Tomita style, oral tradition does the culture of these words that you should convey as "kataribe" forever.

Head master of a school Shokaku Tomita.

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